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Business Communication Technology 2015

September 15th, 2014 by The Modulis Team

Business Communication Technology 2015

It is a time when business communications are perhaps the most critical factor for entrepreneurial success. When you consider business communication technology in 2015, at least three trends should be coming to mind toward next-generation communication and collaboration.

  • Cloud Phone Service
  • CRM Integration
  • Multi-Mode Communication

While the economy continues to recover, online entrepreneurs are emerging at a fleeting pace. If these key trends are not part of your business acumen, it may be time to re-evaluate your business and make some modifications. Let’s find out more.

Cloud Phone Service

A cloud based phone service simply means your company data is stored on a secure server, accessible via the Internet, and hosted by a high-end Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions provider. Cloud services mean costs savings, easy setup, time savings, remote mobile phone services, and many robust advanced phone features.

With a quality cloud-based phone service, you should expect no less than superior phones using VoIP, multi-line extensions, voicemail and message management tools, call forwarding, and more. You should be using a phone system that:

  • Is capable of forwarding calls to a landline, a computer, or a mobile device (and at the same time)
  • Offers an easy-to-use online dashboard for feature management
  • Displays and reports real-time calling activities
  • Saves you money with pay-per-user options as needed

CRM Integration

A VoIP phone system that is compatible with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will integrate the two for collecting customer data that will change the way you do business. Effective CRM is used to identify your customers’ interactions and provide valuable data that will help you sell your products and services using a unique, targeted marketing approach. VoIP and CRM integration require services from a quality VoIP provider that is specializing in high-end, modern equipment compatible with innovative and accessible CRM tools such as Salesforce and NetSuite.

Using a leading edge VoIP and CRM integrated solution, you rely on phone communication data and a robust data collection tool to record important customer activities, identify customer trends, gather customer-specific needs, and track data for business forecasting and future sales. Ensure you invest in a quality VoIP system that integrates with leading edge CRM for increased leads, new and repeat customers, and improved overall productivity and sales.

Multi-Mode Communication

A state-of-the-art business communication system is comprised of multi-mode communication channels. Your phone system should be compatible with voice, chat, web, and video to support your critical communication and collaboration needs across platforms. Small, medium, and enterprise level businesses rely on successful communication, anywhere, anytime. You need a phone network that is prepared for next-generation calling and business diversity.

Whether you work in a small one-location office, a large conglomerate of cubicles, or a remote space wherever you travel, you need accurate, secure cloud-based business communications that work effectively, whatever your scenario. You need the ability to speak through a physical phone, through VoiP, on chat, and in a video conferencing setting. If your system is not capable with these multi-mode solutions, it may be time for a company-wide businesses system upgrade.

Preparing for business communication in 2015 is nothing less than monumental. The simplest facet of your business is likely to be the most important, as data becomes more critical to the success of your company on a daily basis. Key data holds the power to progress, and cloud phone service, CRM integration, and multi-mode communication for business communication technology may be the solutions that will give you a competitive edge in a fluctuating, energized business atmosphere.