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Aastra SIP Phone For Power Users

October 15th, 2014 by The Modulis Team

VOIP Hardware Review: Aastra 6800i SIP Phone

If you seek power in phones for your enterprise, the new Aastra 6800i series is an amazing addition to the Aastra product line by Mitel. Environmentally friendly and easy to deploy, use, and manage, the Aastra 6800i series is designed for big business and high-end productivity. Each Aastra model offers a sleek design that includes a colorful digital display with iconic menu options.  When communication is a huge part of your business, Aastra 6800i series phones are the solution for clear and powerful conversation exchange.

 Must-Have Features of the Aastra 6800i Series

This powerful Aastra SIP phone meets the demands of enterprise level networks, and offers users a robust phone experience from both the calling and receiving perspectives. Callers and call receivers enjoy highest quality audio, high-resolution display, and an enhanced speaker system. Call handling is easy, and your staff can program quick access keys to features or frequent customers. Dual Ethernet ports create flexibility in inserting headsets, keyboards, and other attachable devices. These must-have features in this leading edge phone include:

  • Color Display with Icons for Intuitive Actions
  • Dual Ethernet Ports
  • Enhanced Speakerphone
  • Expansion and Power
  • Headset Support
  • High-Density Wideband Audio
  • Keyboard Option
  • Meet High Demands of Large Networks
  • Nine Phone Lines (LED Display)
  • Programmable Softkeys and System Keys
  • Reversible and Adjustable Stand

While Aastra SIP phones are designed for enterprise level businesses, small and medium size companies will not be disappointed. When luxury and convenience are not a concern, Aastra provides solutions for any size of business, anywhere on the planet.

 What To Love About the Aastra 6800i Series Phones

Just when you thought the robust features of the Aastra 6800i series were all you might ever want in a phone, there’s more. The Aastra 6800i series phones are made with the best parts and materials on the market, and they are made with people in mind. Users and customers alike will love these aspects of the Aastra line:

  • Amazing Sound Quality; No Echo During Calls
  • Easy and Transparent Cable Management
  • Excellent Pricing
  • Handset With Perfect Weight and Balance for Comfort
  • Hands-Free Speaker With Clear Sound Quality and Volume
  • High Quality Solid Plastic Construction
  • Inexpensive and Easy to Customize Aastra Brand Label
  • Rich Communications Services (RCS) Centralized Provisioning
  • Sleek Design

The look and feel of Aastra phones is just what business associates are looking for. The colorful display and easy-to-grasp handset gives your team the confidence they need for high-end business communication and collaboration.

What Not To Love About the Aastra 6800i Series Phones

Every person that uses a phone over time is likely to find a few pitfalls along the way. Although it is difficult to find a single flaw in the Aastra 6800ik luxury phone series, there are a few minor concerns for larger businesses and high-usage callers:

  • The phone design looks similar to a previous design, but let’s face it–many business phones look similar; it features a modern feel and colorful display
  • Aastra has a slightly slower boot time compared to Polycom firmware 4.x
  • Model 6865i features a paper based busy lamp field (BLF) display
  • Model 6863i is quite limited but looks attractive
  • Model 6867i has only six BLF buttons, compared to twelve for the Polycom VVX400

There is much more to love than not to love about the Aastra 6800i series phone line, and the features certainly outweigh the flaws.