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Trends in Business Communication 2015

October 3rd, 2014 by The Modulis Team

Business Communications Trends in 2015

As advancing technologies in cloud, mobility, and speed take business communications to new heights, both enterprises and individuals seek a balance between trusted data security, seamless and transparent experiences, and strategic solutions that promote business productivity. Competition is the key driver for expanding Internet businesses, and integrated business communications solutions that support remote workforces and engage customers will give companies an edge. Let’s look at the business communications trends for 2015.

Trends That Give Companies an Edge

Getting Cloudy. As the demand for managed Internet increases, so will cloud based VoIP solutions. More and more, enterprises and will come to rely on the flexibility of hosted PBX for voice and data traffic in lieu of conventional landline options. These streams will centralize to support community, business continuity, and business performance outcomes.

Secure Voice, Secure Data. Small, medium, and enterprise level companies are concerned about heightened security for voice and data. The business community will be focused on superior security in a seemingly vulnerable Internet landscape until better global measures are put in place.

Cloud Trumps. At an internal company level, cloud communications will trump device-based communications in terms of content and network environments, and leadership teams will be relying on these communications to collaborate with their remote teams and share resources. A transparent customer-facing solution in cloud communications is critical.

Rent Vs. Own. It is an economic period of unrest, and companies continue to migrate to rent vs. own solutions for everything from IT to business communications. Rent is proving out, as more and more small and medium sized businesses operate on a pay-per-use model to align with organizational needs and business fluctuations.

When Outcomes Outweigh. For many thriving companies, there is a significant shift toward outcomes over actual products and services. Managers want results, and they are looking at desirable outcomes to achieve bottom line results. In terms of business communications, they look to systems that can do it.

Seamless Experiences Every Time. Businesses recognize the need for memorable customer experiences—that add up to more than functional or product-specific solutions. Companies have to think outside the box and offer beyond-support services and communications that resonate with customers. It promotes brand identity and keeps customers sharing in social networks and coming back for more.

Sophistication. Companies will rely on business communications systems that include sophisticated performance tracking and leading-edge analytics tools in order for them to compete and be successful in their markets.

While cloud communications and technology are driving improved connectivity, advancing technologies continue to improve to provide seamless business communications and customer experiences that inspire and engage. Selecting superior services for business communications could very well be the most important step toward the success of any business.