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  • Modulis has been acquired by ClearlyIP

    By on December 10, 2019

    We are proud to announce that, Modulis.ca Inc has been acquired by Clearly IP Inc. ClearlyIP provides world-class telecommunications services, applications and customer premise hardware to businesses, ITSP’s, OEM’s and other communications providers across the globe. Product offerings include Brandable Carrier-Grade IP Phones, VoIP Appliances, a Suite Advanced Cloud Services, and a feature-rich SIP Trunking platform. ClearlyIP is privately held

  • top mobile phone apps 2015

    Top Mobile VoIP Softphone Apps

    By on October 29, 2015

    Staying connected has become easy with the use of modern smartphones that keep us in touch with friends, family members, and coworkers. Voice over IP (VoIP) technology has further enhanced that personal connectivity through an Internet connection. As mobile phone plans have morphed, so has VoIP technology, which enables smartphone owners to use their data plans to place and receive phone calls rather than use the minutes on their home or business phone plans. This article will examine some mobile VoIP smartphone apps compatible with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

  • sccp asterisk phone integration

    Using SCCP Phones With Asterisk

    By on August 14, 2015

    Asterisk has been supporting Skinny Call Control Protocol (SCCP) for a number of years, and you simply need the SCCP module in order for it to work. If you want to use an SCCP phone with Asterisk, this tutorial guide will offer a method in which you can accomplish this. SCCP was developed by Cisco, so their phones are the most common IP phones using this protocol. If you currently own Cisco phones, you might want to try using them in SIP mode before attempting to run them in SCCP mode with Asterisk.

  • Heat ’em Up with Warm Calling – 5 Top Phone Sales Techniques

    By on April 9, 2015

    Phone selling really works if you are up on the latest trends and best practices in phone communication. Whether your prospects and clients are talking, texting, or engaging socially, refined phone sales techniques go a long way toward giving you an extra edge. When you work in a modern-day sales environment, you know the importance in the approach you take and in making a good phone impression. You may have a limited opportunity to engage your prospect and turn a phone call into a sale. Here are some helpful tips to win with phone sales.

  • the new guide to make business phone calls 2015

    Don’t be keyboarding me and other phone etiquette advice!

    By on March 16, 2015

    If you recently left the coffee shop with more than a cup of joe; in fact, an earful of confidential product release details overheard in a loud and lingering phone call, it is no surprise. With communication options literally at your fingertips, the temptation to answer or place a call from any location at any time seems to be an acceptable practice, with no regard for good old-fashioned manners. In fact, what is phone communication etiquette and who needs it? If you are a business professional, what you do with your mobile devices matters. There are a number of new trends for making phone calls in 2015 that might affect your next business deal.

  • person using interactive voice response menu on a phone

    Making the Most of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Menus

    By on March 3, 2015

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a common element of all modern VoIP PBX systems. In today’s work environment, 90 percent of corporate calls are answered by an automatic IVR system. Large corporations, banks, stores, and government agencies each generally deploy IVR systems to entertain unique incoming customer calls and queries. This automated system not only saves time and the cost of a live voice but also gives a good first impression to customers. IVR menus are the solution to fast and efficient customer service and assistance.

  • Trends in Business Communication 2015

    Business Communications Trends in 2015

    By on October 3, 2014

    As advancing technologies in cloud, mobility, and speed take business communications to new heights, both enterprises and individuals seek a balance between trusted data security, seamless and transparent experiences, and strategic solutions that promote business productivity. Competition is the key driver for expanding Internet businesses, and integrated business communications solutions that support remote workforces and engage customers will give companies an edge. Let’s look at the business communications trends for 2015.

  • Elastix Support: our Asterisk-certified engineers are here to help

    By on January 22, 2013

    If you have an existing Elastix system and you need to ensure its reliability, our dedicated support team can assist you.

  • Asterisk vs. Traditional PSTN-based PBX Systems

    By on March 7, 2012

    These days with the proliferation of voice-over-IP technologies and affordable switching you no longer need to be a slave to the switch manufacturers and their subscriptions for updates. Using free software or affordable cloud-based platforms running the Asterisk PBX software you can build carrier-grade PBX solutions without being locked into any one system, configuration, or feature set.

  • Hosted PBX: Advantages and Price

    By on January 17, 2012

    A Hosted PBX is an IP telephony service where both the call platform and PBX features are hosted at the VoIP supplier data center(s). Using such a system rather than a traditional telephony system presents a number of key advantages to businesses.