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September 25th, 2012 by The Modulis Team

North American Market Share for the Open-Source Asterisk PBX Platform

The business telecommunications market is vast and worth billions of dollars annually. Open-source PBX and switching solutions have taken the market by storm allowing business unprecedented access to carrier-grade systems with a virtually unlimited feature set and Asterisk has led the way.

The Eastern Management Group, an organization that has been studying the PBX market for more than 30 years now concludes after studying data from more than 7,000 companies that open-source PBX systems make up roughly 18% of all PBX sales in North America with Asterisk comprising nearly 85% of all of these open-source PBX implementations.

In addition we must bear in mind that given Asterisk’s open-source nature many businesses download the system and deploy it without purchasing any hardware or services that would allow them to be included in these statistics. Smaller deployments with between 10 and 50 endpoints make up 75% of all open-source PBX deployments (Asterisk included) which may have you wondering why Digium’s product possesses such a large market share.

It’s quite simple really with the barrier to entry far lower than with systems from the big name PBX vendors, a lower total cost of ownership since it runs on commodity hardware and is a free download, and allows for unprecedented flexibility in terms of how calls are routed, system capacity, and the implementation of custom features.

You can be sure that Asterisk will continue to gain a stake in the telecommunications market for years to come as volunteers and Digium continue to improve the system making it more stable for a variety of business use cases.