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April 9th, 2015 by The Modulis Team

Heat ’em Up with Warm Calling – 5 Top Phone Sales Techniques

The New Business Guide to Making Phone Calls 2015 – Part 2

Phone selling really works if you are up on the latest trends and best practices in phone communication. Whether your prospects and clients are talking, texting, or engaging socially, refined phone sales techniques go a long way toward giving you an extra edge. When you work in a modern-day sales environment, you know the importance in the approach you take and in making a good phone impression. You may have a limited opportunity to engage your prospect and turn a phone call into a sale. Here are some helpful tips to win with phone sales.

Introductions and Warm Calling

Turn your cold calling into warm calling and appeal to your clients with “emotional intelligence.” Technology and social media provide easy opportunities to reach out to your prospects well before you make a phone call—and recipients seem to love it. Try testing out various pre-calling activities like texting, tweeting, messaging on LinkedIn, creating and sharing Facebook posts, or blogging, and see which works best for your target audience. Consider InMail by LinkedIn, an effective service that allows you to directly message prospects with paid  guaranteed responses.

Setting Appointments Instead of Going for the Hard Sell

Pushing for the hard sell before your phone prospect can say “hello” rarely ends well. Try asking for a convenient time to schedule a short appointment to discuss your offer. Getting your prospect to commit to a future call can prospect to a better outcome. Not only does it get your prospect used to saying “yes,” it can also put them at ease and help lower their hardened pitchman defense grid. Consider finding an assistant to make calls for setting your appointments with prospects. This strategy is efficient for you and convenient for your prospects. Setting the appointments within one or two weeks of your first contact is recommended.

Sales Pitch Alternatives

Nobody likes a scripted pitch. Consider alternative ways to increase engagement, make an impression, and stand out from the crowd. Schedule an online video conference, engage in face-to-face calling, record a video, or share your ideas in a written or visual presentation to gain and hold the interest of your prospects. Encourage them to listen to a live demo or see one of your best case studies. Do your homework, and you can influence them with some relevant data they didn’t know about their company. Build your presentation into a storyline, and appeal to your audiences based on their unique needs. There are many ways to turn a sales pitch into an emotional appeal that reaches your audience in a positive way.

Create an Effective Voice Message For Missed Calls

When you don’t always have the luxury of picking up the phone to respond to potential prospects, the message you leave for them may make or break a sale. Always clearly and slowly state your full name and a general reason for not answering the phone. Your reason  may simply be that you are away from your desk (and not that you are actually raiding the snack machine). Include a brief professional message and explain that you will call back as soon as you can. Play it back and don’t be afraid to re-record your message until you get it right, even if your office mates are amused (or unamused). Get used to recording custom messages that explain specific business trip details, a return schedule, or another contact as needed. Don’t let a missed call be the reason a prospect went cold.

Avoid Poor Audio Clarity, Dropped Calls, and Lost Phone Numbers

Eliminating poor audio quality and dropped calls is a must when a sale is on the line. Nothing is worse than a misunderstanding or losing a prospect because your connection cut out or because the line went dead. Invest in a reliable and enterprise-grade communications platform that gives you a variety of mediums in which to interact with your prospects. Modern unified communications platforms combine all of your engagement systems—from phone, mobile, txt, email, and video—including robust CRM, recording, and reporting systems.

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