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Trends in Business Communication 2015

December 3rd, 2014 by The Modulis Team

Planning a Cloud PBX Solution for a Small Business

The new miracle of this century is cloud computing! A steady transition is taking place, and most of the real world applications are being shifted to the cloud for many reasons. One of the most important benefits in a cloud platform is the cost effectiveness of a sophisticated built-in collaboration and sharing mechanism. Both a converged infrastructure and shared services are at the core of the cloud computing philosophy.

The cloud computing revolution is truly affecting the way we work and interact with software. For a large corporation, cloud computing offers plenty of cost savings in terms of licensing and maintenance fees. The same revolution is also affecting the communications industry. Most of the companies are moving toward cloud-based PBX and softswitch solutions. Doing so provides them flexibility and scalability options because these solutions are not limited from a hardware or licensing point of view!

Cloud computing has three major service models. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). The most common solution in use today is the SaaS solution. Modulis, a leading company in the cloud PBX domain, provides a SaaS Cloud PBX solution totally built at the top of Asterisk and OpenSIPS (via Open-SIP Server).

A cloud computing solution can be deployed in a variety of network environments:

  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud (a blend of Private and Public Cloud)

A few key benefits in moving to the cloud:

  1. Cost Reduction
  2. Increased flexibility and business agility
  3. Enhanced redundancy and reliability
  4. Increased collaboration
  5. Greater profitability (pay-as-you-go (PAYG), etc.
  6. Improved Security

Things to look for in your Cloud PBX provider:

Moving your communications infrastructure to the cloud means moving all of your industry assets and sensitive information to a public domain. Given that, it is best to do some initial homework before choosing a cloud Unified Communications provider. Some key points to keep in mind when choosing a cloud provider:

  • Security: Ensure a secured infrastructure and encrypted log and configurations files, data, and voice.
  • Dedicated Network: Seek a dedicated network for voice/video and data traffic (proper QoS implementation), and the provider should also supply different network management systems (NMSs) to monitor your communication infrastructure.
  • Cloud Server Location: Choose a provider that could offer hosting facilities in multi-geographical locations for reduced network latency.
  • SLA: Service provider should include a qualified service level agreement (SLA) with the client.
  • Government Data: Select a private cloud infrastructure if your enterprise communications involve government related agencies.
  • Preparedness: Once you move your inhouse communication platform to the cloud, ensure your cloud deployment includes disaster recovery and any emergency preparedness.
  • Policy: For a highly secure system, your cloud implementation should be completed under the strict guidelines of your  organization’s InfoSec policy.

Modulis Cloud PBX Solutions:

Modulis provides a highly reliable and secure cloud platform for your business communications. The design team at Modulis took extra care during the development of this platform to avoid all the well-known pitfalls of existing Unified Communications cloud solutions on the market. Some of the key features of the Modulis Cloud PBX system are:

  1. Reliable: 99.99% reliability, thanks to our four-location points of presence in Canada
  2. BGP Network: Full redundancy, with five internet providers (Peer1, Fibrenoire, Cogent, Iweb, and Netelligent et peering au QiX)
  3. PSTN: Private Interconnection with CLEC
  4. Flexible: Built with a flexible mindset to easily incorporate future developments in the field of UC cloud technologies.

Businesses all over the world are striving for improvement. Some of the key driving forces behind Unified Communications cloud computing are mobility, efficiency and collaboration, cost savings, and a greener environment. People are getting bored with legacy technologies and want to go for more scalable, reliable, secure, and modern communication solutions.

Modulis is a leading provider of cloud-based PBX solutions, and we have built a dependable Unified Communications cloud that we are proud to offer!