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self-hosted or cloud pbx

January 22nd, 2015 by The Modulis Team

Should I Self-Host or Use a Cloud PBX

In the absence of a dedicated system administration team, it is often difficult for an organization to manage its own servers. Administering in-house servers and securing them from various internal and external threats is a daunting task. If you don’t have a dedicated team for your organization’s telecommunications system, including telephony deployment and maintenance, it is best to invest in cloud-based PBX solutions!

Most cloud PBX service providers are already using dedicated, high-end machines for their telecommunications platforms. Since they deploy systems from their own data centers in a secure environment, the chances for internal and external threats are reduced. Most cloud PBX service providers deploy their cloud infrastructure behind a firewall and IPS/IDS system to mitigate any type of threat. The advantages of a Cloud PBX solution include high availability and easy scalability. You can increase the capacity of your system at any time based on your business needs.  In the case of a disaster, your telecommunications services will be shifted to redundant PBX clusters in real time.


Most of the Cloud PBX providers like Modulis are already using sophisticated IP routing protocols like BGP and OSPF along with VoIP QoS for speedy routing of voice packets. One of the most efficient features with cloud based PBX infrastructure is access to direct interconnectivity with many TDM direct carriers. This is usually provided by the cloud PBX provider for a nominal cost.

Many PBX platforms deployed directly within an organization are prone to latency and jitter-related issues. Once end-to-end delay becomes greater than 300 milliseconds, network-based voice  degradation occurs. To manage this issue, cloud PBX service providers use efficient routing algorithms to keep the packet routing delay at a minimum.


As an absolute plan for business continuity, most organizations are selecting cloud-based PBX solutions in case of a  natural or unexpected disaste ! If  a disaster affects an organization, data on the cloud is secure because it is housed at a secure remote location. This method is seamless for organizations that rely on varying workplace scenarios such as employees that work from home or abroad to perform their day-to-day duties!

There are some security issues associated with a public cloud infrastructure  in the case of organizations with high security needs. In order to cater to such organizations, Modulis offers secure, in-house  deployment of its PBX solution whereby all voice communications through this platform are encrypted. A problem that can arise  with  hosted PBX providers is poor support and slow response times. Finding a service provider that offers fast and efficient response times is imperative in case of critical issues.

Below is a summary of the pros and cons of hosted and cloud-based PBX systems:

Advantages of Self-Hosted PBX Disadvantages of Self-Hosted PBX
Total control of software and infrastructure Scalability is neither easy or quick
With a dedicated team, O&M is quick Usually deployed with a shared Internet at the core
Can be designed to support maximum call load Usually without Internet and without proper QoS for VoIP
A set of PBX clusters  can provide a robust redundant communication platform Requires a dedicated team for O&M
Recommended for big organizations with high-volume traffic needs Requires 24/7 monitoring support


Advantages of Cloud PBX Disadvantages of Cloud PBX
Flexible, scalable and elastic Security mechanism of Cloud PBX has been criticized lately
Usually has a very fast Internet at the core Presently focus is on SMEs
Proper QoS applied to support stable VoIP Technology is evolving, not yet matured
A dedicated 24/7 O&M team usually available
Deployed with a strong focus on security


Companies in the startup phase can rely on hosted and cloud-based PBX solutions, but as they grow to hundreds of actively-registered users who frequently communicate, it is best to invest in on-premise PBX clusters. Modulis can help you create a reliable, secure, and latency- free voice network with many add-on features, which will give you an extra advantage in the corporate world.