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Snom 320 SIP Phone Review

May 11th, 2015 by The Modulis Team

Snom 320 SIP Phone – A VoIP Hardware Review

Introducing SNOM

The Snom 300 SIP phone series offers breakthrough technology for easier, smarter, and cheaper office communications—some exciting news for today’s business entities. Companies of any size and scale can benefit from an economical conference bridge solution in a secure environment. The Snom 320 SIP is the solution to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone that consumes less power in an efficient wireless dual Ethernet environment, and your business can enjoy all of the features of a high-end system.

All models in the Snom 300 series include two-line display with dozens of programmable function keys for caller convenience. When you are seeking a communications system that offers a clear exchange and high-quality voice every time, the Snom 320 is a powerful choice. You get a variety of features and easy function keys to handle any voice communications challenge for any workplace scenario.

Important Snom Series Features

The Snom 300 series is a robust communications solution if you desire amazing features at a price point that aligns with your business. Your users and customers will not be disappointed in what the Snom 320 has to offer. Not only is the Snom 320 easy to use, programming the configurations you desire is simple. You receive high-quality audio with a range of codecs for fast transmission:

Installation is Easy

  • Can be performed remotely
  • Can be completed via the phone itself
  • Supports auto configuration with some PBXs (retrieving a predetermined XML configuration from a server)
  • Includes speakerphone setup
  • Includes national language support

Features Included But Not Limited To

  • Dual Ethernet
  • Power over Ethernet in a VoIP solution
  • Secure SIP/SRTC/TLS
  • Own licensed G729, G723; G711 and GSM also available
  • 3-way conferencing
  • 12 programmable keys
  • Two-line display
  • Web-configurable (HTTP/HTTPS available)
  • Call parking/unparking
  • Do not disturb (DND) mode
  • Comfort noise and voice activity detection
  • Possible to provision/upgrade firmware remotely
  • 12 simultaneous calls
  • Ringtones/VIP ringtone choices

The Snom 320 is uniquely designed for office locations experiencing high volumes of communications that need high-end phones to carry out business functions. It is an affordable, powerful solution to accommodate any professional office environment. There are a number of pros and practically zero cons with the innovative Snom 320 SIP VoIP phone system.


  • Quality workmanship—phone product of the year in 2012, one of best in its class for several consecutive years
  • Excellent voice quality—no delay, no echo
  • Easy to use—seamless cabling, tilt display
  • Possibility to block anonymous callers
  • High level of security—TLS, SIPS, SRTC
  • Diagnostics (tracing, logging)
  • Multicast paging
  • STUN functionality
  • 47 keys, 12 programmable
  • LEDs for missed, incoming, and on-hold calls as well as messages in Voicemail
  • Minimal latency
  • 1.0-1.5 watt-per-hour power consumption in standby mode
  • Easy-to-use menu with great flexibility


  • A slightly higher price than some models

About Snom

Snom phone products are manufactured in Germany, based on open standards for enterprise communications. Snom phones offer cutting-edge VoIP technology, compatible with a large list of IP-PBX software and hardware solutions including those that are free or payable, to support standard SIP solutions for multimedia communications, instant messaging, and more.

The company offers a range of products designed for nearly every segment of the market and nearly every size enterprise. Perfect for a home office, small startup, medium-sized corporation, or large enterprise, Snom products are made for business productivity. Each line of Snom phones is known for excellent power consumption, quality workmanship, and dedication to high security standards. Many products are available with a two-year warranty for peace of mind.

Snom products have been marketed in more than 50 countries across the globe including successful partnerships and active branch offices in many locations. Established in Berlin in 1996, Snom is a leading reputable source in the telecommunications realm.