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top mobile phone apps 2015

October 29th, 2015 by The Modulis Team

Top Mobile VoIP Softphone Apps

Staying connected has become easier through the use of modern smartphones which keep us in touch with friends, family members, and coworkers. Voice over IP (VoIP) technology has made it even easier to stay in touch through an Internet connection. As mobile phone plans have morphed so has VoIP which enables smartphone users to use their data plans to place and receive phone calls rather than using the minutes on their calling plans. This article will examine some mobile VoIP smartphone apps compatible with SIP.


Zoiper is a free SIP softphone application for VoIP calls over Wifi or 3G. Much like Bria, Zoiper works for Android and iPhone users. Zoiper is available as a free or paid version with several useful features. Through this app, you can compile all business contacts, as the app retrieves them from various sources and combines them into a list for easy access. Incoming calls are also scanned so you will know who is calling. Zoiper pulls contacts from Outlook, Windows, Mac, LDAP, XMPP, XCAP, iOS, Android, and many other programs.

Zoiper offers free encryption for text, voice, and video, and runs on many platforms including Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and more. Zoiper is a standalone client-side software application that does not come bundled with another VoIP service. You must have a subscription to a SIP or Inter-Asterisk Exchange (IAX) based service provider. Some of the Zoiper features include Bluetooth support, calling over 3G and Wifi, great audio quality, native dialer integration, background and multitasking support, UDP and TCP transports, and more. This is a freemium app—the download is free and the in-app purchases range from $2.27 to $62.20 per item.

Zoiper Website


Acrobits is a SIP phone for VoIP calls, available through iTunes. While Acrobits is currently available only for the iPhone, it is a great app to help you save minutes. Acrobits is one of the highest rated applications in the App Store. For around $7, you can purchase this app as an excellent choice for obtaining the normal call features you would get from a business phone. This app enables you to be reached from a mobile phone when someone dials your work extension.

While Acrobits doesn’t have a call transfer function, it is still an attractive softphone app. A workaround for the call transfer issue is to have people dial the number directly. Acrobits is not currently designed for business use; however, the developers plan to release a business version that will include transfer, multi-line, grouping, and other business features. A lot of thought went into the design since the user interface is easy to navigate If you are interested in Acrobits for business, this new business version is coming out soon.

Acrobits Cloud Softphone


CSIPSimple is an easy-to-use mobile VoIP app for Android users. Like Acrobits, you cannot perform call transfers or make multiple calls; however, CSIPSimple makes and receives calls, integrates with the native dialer, and can be used for messaging and recording calls. This is a free app available through Google Play.

If you are using CSIPSimple over a 3G, 4G, or EDGE network, you should check with your mobile carrier to see if you will be billed on your data usage while running this app. Even so, you won’t be charged mobile phone minutes. Configuring the app is easy and straightforward. After you download and launch the app, you can set the access level for the application. The default options are fine for most SIP users,. or you can customize these options based on your needs.

Some CSIPSimple features include:

  • Multi-codec support
  • Plugin that adds support for Opus, G.726, Codec2, and H263-1998
  • Add up to 10 accounts concurrently
  • Security and encryption through SRTP, SIP over TLS 1.0, and ZRTP

Download From Google Play


Bria VoIP Softphone SIP client was developed by CounterPath Corporation, a market leader in VoIP software solutions. Bria is available for Android and iPhone users and offers in-app features such as video calls, online presence, and messaging. You can multitask between fielding incoming calls and using applications.

As an efficient business app, Bria is focused on contact management and collaboration. Bria’s video conferencing capabilities make business conference calls on the go fast and easy. Bria has many of the basic VoIP features, which are available in a free version called X-Lite. With this more robust paid version, you receive advanced features such as presence management, group chat invites, and security features like TLS and SRTP.

Bria has an add-in for Outlook (available only for Windows users), which enables the app to recognize Outlook contacts and sync contact related tasks. Your contacts can come from different sources including local and company directories, XMPP, XCAP, or WebDav servers, which can be merged into a consolidated view. Bria is available for download at $7.99 per phone; however, you must contact CounterPath for business pricing. Bria won the 2011 Product of the Year award from Communications Solutions.

Bria Website