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June 5th, 2012 by The Modulis Team

VoIP Availability

VoIP for businesses is a growing field. Today’s business owners can take advantage of these features at a lower cost than a traditional phone line. So what is VoIP? VoIP is short for voice over internet protocol. This service uses your existing internet connection to place phone calls instead of requiring a separate line from the phone company. VoIP lines have the same phone number portability as any line from a phone company so you don’t have to lose that number you’ve have for awhile. One of the challenges of VoIP was emergency calling which posed a unique challenge to 911 operators as the line was not associated with an address however this to is now a problem of the past. The last challenge of VoIP service is that it is power dependent, i.e. no power-no internet-no service.

Many features are available to businesses today including voice mail, caller id, toll free numbers Unlimited local and long distance calling, etc. The list is long and gets better every day. For businesses that need international calling, rates are in the pennies per minute and I mean less than 10 cents per minute on average! This offers businesses opportunities to grow from small to an international company without much effort on the communications end. Often the issues of fax lines come up and several VoIP providers offer fax lines for only $15 per month extra. The availability of these services are amazing and are quite available in Canada and the U.S. from many providers so the prices are very competitive. In the U.S. alone there are over 20 providers.

In Europe VoIP is taking over and the infrastructure is much more developed offering better access to the multitude of VoIP Service Providers. with such a well developed network it allows for World-Wide VoIP service providers so the market becomes even better for businesses. In Africa the service is harder to get due to countries who do not have an internet structure to provide access. VoIP service is only available in major cities and even then usually only in Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, and Nigeria. Even though these countries have service only 20% of the country has access to an internet connection. Service can still be obtained and VoIP service used via satellite however this can be cost prohibitive.