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May 18th, 2015 by The Modulis Team

3 VoIP Call Tracking Tools for Your Marketing Automation Strategy

When you invest in an effective  marketing automation strategy for your business, make sure it includes VoIP call tracking tools. While marketing automation is well suited for email and social media connections and tracking, you may want a capable method to track and manage relevant phone calls as well. Consider some of the features you should look for in a VoIP call tracker and how it can boost your marketing campaigns for increased sales.

Call Tracking

Many companies purchase a virtual number for each of their landing pages that is rerouted to a main line for tracking calls. By relying on VoIP call tracking, you don’t have to go through the hassle, time, and expense associated with multiple land-based numbers. VoIP call tracking is an excellent approach for your marketing automation campaigns because it tracks and manages your call history by location, time of day, duration, etc. You can forecast sales based on particular demographics and plan a well-designed business strategy for the months ahead.

Collecting Call Data

Some tracking tools are predesigned with excellent features you can integrate into your marketing automation strategy. For example, it would be ideal to sync your marketing automation with a VoIP call tracking tool through a vendor solution (see details below). Depending on whether or not you already have a VoIP solution or you are planning to add one that aligns with your current marketing automation strategy, you should configure it to track only the data you need. Irrelevant data is rarely useful. You may want to capture the durations of calls so that you can categorize potential leads based on how long they talk with your marketers. Below are some vendors to consider and what they have to offer in terms of a powerful VoIP call tracking tool.

Featured Vendors



A feature you may want to research when selecting a VoIP service to pair with your marketing automation strategy is CallRail’s visitor and keyword-level tracking. This feature usually includes a subset of features that allows you to track certain keywords, marketing campaigns, landing pages, and customer views on your website before, during, and after a call. CallRail along with several others provides tracking, keyword-level tracking, real-time analytics, and more.  CallRail is just one good solution among many that offers an effective VoIP tracking solution.





You should be able to track calls by area code, address, and country, which helps you organize and track sources in order to establish marketing automation campaigns by demographics. For instance, if you have a business in San Diego but your site is global, you’ll want to sort out the callers close to your geographic area. CallTrackingMetrics is an expert company that offers an intricate call tracking feature for both online and offline marketing campaigns.







SmarterTools is a company that offers a communicator app that is fully integrated into SIP-compliant phones, as an add on service to an existing VoIP server. This communicator tool helps log calls, and marketers can get a comprehensive display of the calls they place and receive by extension and area code as well as a history log. This tool can be used for any size or scale of business, from small to enterprise level. With SmarterTools, you can also transfer calls and automatically create call logs for inbound and outbound calls.





A successful marketing automation strategy that includes VoIP technology is certain to prepare businesses for the future. With the Internet as an integral cog in a large corporate wheel, VoIP call tracking and call data are definitely valuable, must-have resources for companies that are thinking ahead and planning to remain competitive in their markets.