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VoIP and CRM Work Together

September 8th, 2014 by The Modulis Team

VoIP and CRM Work Together

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)—or the ability to use phone service online over the Internet—is a cost-effective solution that works together with Customer Relationship Management (CRM)—the system used to manage your customers’ interactions. It is a marriage in which every business entrepreneur should be standing behind. By integrating VoIP and CRM, companies streamline their processes, improve business communications, and reach out to customers like never before. In a competitive online market, the integration of VoIP and CRM tools is essential toward business productivity and success.

How VoIP CRM Integration Works

By combining the many advantages of high-quality VoIP with a robust CRM tool, companies are proven to show improved business operations. A superior hosted VoIP solution already promises low costs, high efficiency, and clear vibrant communications between employees and customers. A VoIP CRM integration further enhances existing VoIP by collecting customer transaction activities and histories in order to create profiles for effective targeted selling. High-end VoIP transfers voice data packets for simple CRM integration resulting in a powerful, targeted selling approach.

With a VoIP CRM integration, companies rely on a softphone solution to boost their productivity through accurate tracking and targeted marketing based on real-time customer data and the ability for longer-term forecasting. This solution is compatible between most high-quality VoIP and CRM platforms to accurately:

  •  Access customer trends
  • Catalog customer activities
  • Identify customer-specific needs
  • Track purchases and questions

A VoIP CRM integration may mean the difference between business success or failure as competitors continue to rely on third-party services for increased web traffic through search engine optimization, compelling metadata, blogs, and more. VoIP CRM integration is a certain, effective solution to an increased customer base and improved sales.

Benefits of a CRM VoIP Solution

With a CRM VoIP solution, companies experience benefits in a number of business scenarios. VoIP used for general business calling, call center click-to-call communication, and remote business opportunities merged with a new or existing CRM tool is extremely effective. This integrated solution provides relevant customer relationship profiles for a unique marketing approach. Such integration requires a high-end hosted VoIP carrier for these benefits:

  • Call Recording Data
  • Customer Data Management
  • Current, Real-Time Data
  • Leverage Internal Data and Save SEM and SEO Costs
  • Number Lookup History
  • Uploaded Notes and Key Information

A standalone VoIP system independent of CRM can do a lot, but this rich alternative is an exciting opportunity for creating customers, generating repeat business, and improving the bottom line.

Simple VoIP CRM Integration

Many high-end VoIP providers specialize in merging their VoIP solutions with new or existing CRM platforms. By relying on an expert carrier that has a proven track record, the integration process is easy. VoIP carriers’ top call features are generally compatible with CRM data collection:

  • Call Collaboration
  • Call Controls
  • Call History
  • Call Logs
  • Call Recording
  • Click-to-Dial
  • Voicemail
  • Screen Popups
  • More

Don’t miss the opportunities in integrated VoIP and CRM solutions. Your VoIP system can tap valuable CRM for the information you need to stay competitive in an expanding online marketplace. With quality VoIP products and services, you have the chance to integrate CRM that will prepare you for next-generation selling. You propel your business in this exciting era of fast and furious e-commerce.

Some of Asterisk based CRM integration solutions:

  • SugarForge integration with Asterisk/Elastix/FreePBX


  • Vtiger integration with Asterisk. The vtiger-asterisk integration will allow users to use vtiger to create calls and receive notifications on incoming calls using the Asterisk Call Manager API provided by Asterisk.


  • Aptus FonB integration with Highres CRM


  • AsterCRM, an open source Contact Center software for Asterisk


  • AgileCRM


  • Callinize integrated with Asterisk