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February 24th, 2012 by The Modulis Team

VoIP will Shape the Future of Communications

The many benefits offered by the new technology is leading to businesses flocking to incorporate it in their day to day operations. According to Martyn Davies, telecom consultant at Weird Crater, more and more companies now dropping traditional phone service and switching to an IP-PBX. Rise of VoIP may sound the death knell for the old fashioned communication system invented by Graham Alexander Bell back in 1874.

According to Mr Davies, the next big shift will be to mobile. Indeed, even if mobile handsets still use traditional circuit switching, mobility apps are starting to arrive on smart phones and ultimately long term evolution will make all mobile calls into VoIP ones. He believes that both consumers and businesses will benefit from the rapid growth in the VoIP market as it will make telecommunications much more competitive.

A recent study seems to confirm this prediction, as US user numbers have risen 220% between 2009 and 2011 and satisfaction rates stand at 98%.