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Our Story

Modulis’ 80+ servers handle more than 10 million calls per month
and are used by more than 40,000 people.

Modulis was founded in 2006 with the objective of providing Open Source consulting services to Canadian private and public sector organizations. In 2009, Modulis focused on building an advanced VoIP infrastructure to support growing demands for reliable and scalable business communications. Since then, VoIP technologies have become the core business at Modulis, with a fast growing client base that extends throughout North America and Europe.

Today, Modulis is a global provider of advanced VoIP services and solutions. We love our clients and our clients love our high grade and professional quality communications systems. Our engineers have built a powerful layer of technology upon the trusted and rock solid Open Source Asterisk framework. Our proprietary systems allow us to provide unified communications, VoIP consulting for Asterisk systems, SIP lines, and VoIP in the Cloud solutions as well to small, medium, and large enterprises.

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The Management Team


Adrien Laurent

Chief Executive Officer

A software developer at heart, Adrien Laurent has over 11+ years of experience in the IT field. In 2006, he founded, Modulis.ca specializing in web based software development and later moved the company’s focus toward VoIP telecommunications. By 2014, Modulis provided service to more than 15,000 phones.


Jean-Sébastien Lepage

Chief Operating Officer

With over 25 years of experience in IT, Telecommunication and start up Jean- Sébastien Lepage is a specialist in managing information
technology with enhanced expertise in VoIP,
call centers , CRM and xRM. In the nineties, he helped a small Montreal Internet Service provider become the leading business provider in Canada. In the Early 2000 thanks to his leadership skilled he managed a team of skilled programming engineered to help another startup become a leader in the HR field and continued by managing sales engineers for a large Telecom company.

Our Datacenters and Network

The Hub of Our Global Communications Network



We host millions of minutes of business communications from deal winning sales calls to internal project planning conferences. Our 80+ Linux based servers are tuned to provide reliable and optimal support with a 99.999% uptime guarantee.


Our network provides the peace of mind you want and the security you need. Modulis features
256-bit level encrypted voice communications, and our datacenters are hardened against intruders using Modulis “7 Layers” security.


We are always upgrading and evolving to meet the needs of modern business. Last year alone we started development of our next generation cloud platform to further maintain our position for cutting edge VoIP and telecommunications technology.

An Open Source Commitment

“Modulis’s future is committed to providing the highest possible service and
solutions for our clients using the best that Open Source has to offer.”

– Adrien Laurent


Built on Open Source

High client satisfaction is how we benchmark success.  Quality, reliability and innovation comes from a long history of expert development, extensive community testing and fresh ideas that are defined by Open Source technologies.


Asterisk Infrastructure

The Asterisk framework is the uncontested choice for enterprises seeking functional, dependable, secure and economical communications solutions. Initially started in 1999, Asterisk has evolved and been put to the test by a global community committed to telecom excellence.


Participating in Open Source Projects

Modulis is dedicated to supporting Open Source programs and participates in a variety of Open Source projects such as OpenSIPS, FreePBX and Asterisk. Modulis and its team members actively contribute Open Source community projects.

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Born in January 2016 by a statement of need: there was until now no combination unified sector expertise in computer able to offer to PMEs, large companies and institutions a wide range of Quebec full of all products and services related to information technology today more crucial than ever in markets icreasingly competitive. Visit us on Le Consortium Informatique