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Modulis has the highest # of dCAP certified Asterisk technicians in Canada!

  • Support & Maintenance
  • Planning & Upgrades
  • Fixing Systems
  • Training
  • Continuing / Ongoing Support
  • Knowledge Resource
  • Active Server Management
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Modulis can provide a variety of solutions to any Asterisk business or IT challenge. Our multi-disciplinary team includes: asterisk specialists, network engineers, core developers, and project managers.

Planning and Upgrades

Save money by switching to Asterisk. Learn about planning to switch or upgrading your current system.

Our Team is Your Team

When there is nobody to maintain or fix your current Asterisk system, the team at Modulis can provide the timely and professional level support you need.

Eliminate the Learning Curve

Avoid the learning curve and the cost to train a team. Get the features, fixes, upgrades and maintenance you need now from our experts.


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