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Unified Communications

A Seamless Platform Combining Voice, Data, and Mobile
for Rich Communication and Collaboration

The Modulis Unified Communications solution leverages powerful voice over Internet (VoIP) to integrate your enterprise level communications services. We converge technologies in voice, data, and mobile to produce concise, transparent, and rich user experiences. At the same time, we reduce overall costs and eliminate the need for expensive licenses. When you want to increase productivity, develop your enterprise communication, and expand your business, the Modulis Unified Communications solution is right for you.

  • Unlimited Phone Extensions
  • Built for Enterprises and Institutions
  • Private, Dedicated, and Secure
  • Connect Remotely
  • Web-Based Interface
  • No License Fees
  • Premium Support

unified communications

Complete Integration of Communications Services Through a Single Platform

Voice – Modulis supports physical phones, wireless, and all SIP softphones. Connect up to 10 devices on the same extension number. Do not miss any calls when traveling with a tablet or working at the office.

Email – Receive by email an MP3 of your voicemail. Hear your messages from your office or directly from a smartphone: iPhone, Android, and Blackberry are all supported.

Chat – With Jabber integration, share your phone status with colleagues through chat-compatible software. This allows you to avoid disturbing a person if he or she is already on the phone.

SMS – Modulis supports optional sending and receiving of text messages, to be redirected to a phone or email. This offers an additional method for customers to reach you.

WebRTC – In the latest version of the Modulis platform, we support WebRTC whereby you can make and receive calls directly from your browser.

Live Online Presentation – Modulis integrates with several online presentation services, like Zoom. Start an online presentation with video conferencing directly from your phone.

Skype Integration – The Modulis solution is Skype compatible for live, viewable conversations.

Microsoft Lync – Fully integrate with your Microsoft Lync account.

Other Features – Admins access call detail records and integrate with third-party billing solutions and management information systems.

The Modulis Unified Communications Solution

The Modulis Unified Communications solution involves a process in which we seamlessly migrate your company’s realtime communications services such as phones, video conferencing, instant messaging, desktop sharing tools, etc., with your non-realtime services like Voicemail, email, FAX, and SMS. This cross-platform unified telecommunications alternative improves user experiences and saves companies costs in resources, hardware, time, and technology.

Supports 200 – 50,000+ Users

Cloud or On-Site Options

Powerful SIP Trunking Options with SIPSaver

Super Secure 256-bit Encrypted Voice Option

Unified Communications Advantages

The advantages of a unified communications solution for your company’s entire suite of realtime and non-realtime communications services will exceed your expectations for the most important function of your business. In this social, mobile, and remote generation, the need for robust telecommunications is greater than ever before. At a minimum, enterprises demand:

Scalability: pay-per-person communications services to meet the fluctuating state of businesses and people for every workplace scenario

Control: the ability to manage systems on the fly, access accurate realtime data and reporting, and make modifications anytime, anywhere

Stability: high-end, concise, and seamless communications services that cross platforms, with 99.999% reliability 24/7

Security: superior data protection and security for both realtime and non-realtime communications platforms 100% of the time

ClusterPBX™ is bulletproof, as it relies on triple redundancy at these levels:
(1) Client’s Internet Connection, (2) Data Center, and (3) Carrier.

Open Source: Technology built on Linux and Asterisk with PHP

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Unifed Communications Features

Call ControlCall QueuesChat
ConferencingExtension ManagementFaxing
GlobalizationHardwareInteractive Voice Response (IVR)
Maintenance Networking Notifications
PBX Tools Phonebooks / Switchboard Reporting
Subscriptions Switchvox App Technology Options

Web Interface

Control your Unified Communications platform with our intuitive and multi-level web interface console.

Offering Interfaces for:

  • End Users
  • Customers / Help Desk
  • Re-sellers / Administrators
  • System Administrators

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