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VoIP Phone Systems

Modulis is a leading global supplier of VoIP phone systems and technologies. Our engineers have built a system of proprietary layers including administrative controls, unified communications, advanced security, and countless other features upon a proven and reliable open source framework. This allows Modulis to provide affordable yet feature-rich service to clients with 1 phone to 100,000 phones.

Offering out-of-the-box or custom solutions, Modulis’ service can be designed to meet your exact needs whether for creating a network of multi-site locations or providing custom integration with existing infrastructure.

Modulis offers a competitive VoIP phone system solution that can be used to replace existing systems at a fraction of the cost. Seamlessly connect existing phones and hardware.

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“Modulis has been a key component for our business model by supporting our unique VoIP networking needs.”

– James H. – Enterprise Client

VoIP Systems for Business and Specialty Industries

Our advanced VoIP phone systems power industries of all types. At Modulis, we understand that every institution is unique.

We specialize in a variety of industry types and provide custom solutions for every need.


We provide advanced VoIP technologies for large and enterprise level businesses. We offer cloud-hosted or on-site solutions for centralized or distributed locations.


We ensure stable and secure VoIP technologies, perfect for government entities. Access a wide range of administrative features with easy-to-use web control panels.


We offer powerful VoIP technologies for educational institutions including those for one building, one campus, or multiple campus locations. Get custom solutions for administration, faculty, and students.

Small Business

Access powerful VoIP cloud-hosted service for small businesses. Connect your service to a VoIP phone, laptop or mobile device. Easily set up and manage your service from a web control panel.

Call Center

Power your call center with a Modulis VoIP solution and gain access to loads of features, administrative controls, customizations, CRM integration and more.

Industrial Production

Utilize Modulis VoIP technology for industrial production workplaces. From the factory floor to the CEO’s desk, get set up with a network that meets your communications needs.


Connect your administrative or guest facilities with Modulis’ large-network VoIP technologies. Significantly reduce costs and gain ease of communications administration and integration.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Provide VoIP technologies across your existing ISP delivery networks. Create added value for your customers and add revenue for your organization. It’s great for decentralized networks.


Power your communications across large distances or complex locations using Modulis VoIP technologies. We offer custom networks to meet your exact business needs.

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Why Choose a Modulis Phone System?

Asterisk-Certified VoIP Team

We have an army of Asterisk-Certified engineers ready to help advise, configure, and maintain your VoIP systems. Got questions? Talk to one of our engineers.

Custom VoIP Phone Systems

Modulis specializes in planning and building custom VoIP solutions for any use case. Our technology is flexible and scalable while offering significant cost savings.

Powerful and Proven Technology

Built on rock-solid open source VoIP technologies, Modulis successfully provides phone service to over 20k+ phone lines. Let our technology work for you.

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