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Call Center VoIP Phone Systems

Advanced and Secure VoIP Technologies for Government Organizations

Inluding Centralized or Multi-Site Locations

At Modulis, we work with ClusterPBX™ to provide powerful and responsive hosted call center and IP Private Branch Exchange (PBX) solutions. ClusterPBX™ from Modulis is a full turnkey solution to help you to start, manage, and carry out business communication operations. This solution supports the Software as a Service (SaaS) model for call center or PBX systems.

With the Modulis call center VoIP solutions, you rely on a robust system to help you manage your business from a data-driven perspective. Let Modulis help drive business success through advanced telecommunications technology.

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Managed Solution

The Modulis / ClusterPBX™ managed solution for IP PBX is the answer to robust call center data, precision analytics, and business forecasting for success.

Advanced Calling

Call center technicians benefit from Modulis’ advanced calling features, supporting both internal staff and external customers for optimum calling experiences.

CRM Integration

At Modulis, our CRM software and call center data integration potential gives company leaders and planners an edge in a competitive business landscape.

Service and Support

Modulis offers superior service and support for your call center needs, and we stand behind industry-best SLAs and lifetime customer support for every scenario.

Your Call Center Powered by ClusterPBX

Our advanced VoIP phone systems power industries of all types. At Modulis, we understand that every institution is unique.

We specialize in a variety of industry types and provide custom solutions for every need.

Manage your VoIP call center operations with our feature-rich and rock solid solution from Modulis. Our technology is built on ClusterPBX™ technology for added administrative and operator features and customization options. It easily integrates with CRM and other software solutions.

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