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Enterprise VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP Technologies Specifically Designed With Enterprise and Institutional Level

Organizations In Mind

With Modulis’ enterprise VoIP solutions, large companies rely on our ClusterPBX network model, extensive technical experience, and a seamless no-downtime transition for exceptional telecommunications. Whether you require an on-premise or virtual hosted cloud solution, our priority is a reliable IP/PBX system that supports 50 to 200+ phones and users. We assess your needs and offer the best scenario to align with your business goals.

Modulis stands behind industry-leading technology to provide a five-layer security system, compatibility between multiple phone and hardware brands, and integration with various unified communications and CRM systems. Our enterprise VoIP solution is robust, mobile compatible, and responsive for all platforms. We partner with Flash Operator Panel 2 and Komutel for easy command center navigation and integration alternatives. Let Modulis take your business to the next level with our enterprise VoIP solutions.

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Proven Stability

You benefit from proven stability and 99.999% uptime, experienced by satisfied clients across the globe. Modulis can manage your communications, whatever the magnitude.

Reuse Existing Phones

When you migrate your enterprise to a robust VoIP solution, Modulis ensures a seamless, no-downtime transition, no matter how large or small your endeavor. Take your existing phone systems with you!

Virtual Technology

Through proven state-of-the-art cloud technology, Modulis offers secure, virtual, and scalable options to meet the changing demands of your business, at a price you can afford.

Service and Support

Modulis stands behind high-end service and support throughout the implementation process and beyond. Receive expert technical response, industry-best SLAs, and lifetime support.

Your Enterprise Powered by ClusterPBX™

Our advanced VoIP phone systems power industries of all types. At Modulis, we understand that every institution is unique.

We specialize in a variety of industry types and provide custom solutions for every need.

The Modulis ClusterPBX™ VoIP enterprise system is designed as a multi-tenant, load-balanced, and failover-enabled IP-PBX system. It accommodates advancing organizations with scalable phone solutions for large numbers of users and rapid growth.

50 – 50,000+ Phones

Cloud-Hosted and On-Site Versions Available

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