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SIPSaver™ Business SIP Trunking

Enterprise Grade VoIP Calling and Receiving from Outside Lines Using

Affordable Bulk SIP Trunking Technologies

SIPSaver™ by Modulis provides enterprise-class SIP lines to businesses that require the flexibility and accessibility of Voice over IP (VoIP) without compromising performance and reliability. SIPSaver™ is a way for companies to realize measurable cost savings, with flexibility for added phone lines in minutes, superior quality in service, and free long-distance in North America.


  • Unlimited number of channels
  • USA and Canada from 1.1 Cent / Min
  • Numbers (DIDs) from 40+ Countries
  • Optional dedicated Internet Line
  • 24/7 Service Quality Monitoring
  • Keep Your Existing Number
  • 100% Asterisk Compatible


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The SIPSaver™ Solution

Modulis SIPSaver™ provides enterprise SIP lines to businesses that require accessibility and flexibility for their VoIP solution without a compromise in performance and reliability.

Keep Your Existing Number: SIPSaver™ allows you to easily keep your existing phone number. Check Your Number

Get a New Phone Number: Choose from over 40 countries when setting up a new phone number.

Direct Inbound Dialing: DID numbers, pre-configured brand SIP phones, SIPSaver™ Plug and Call options, and 24-hour service.

Toll-Free Numbers: Choose from a selection of exclusive Premium DIDs that offer custom toll-free numbers.

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The SIPSaver™ Advantages

SIPSaver™ by Modulis provides enterprise SIP lines to businesses that require accessibility and flexibility for their VoIP solution without a compromise in performance and reliability.

Pre-configured brand name phone.

Easy-to-use dashboard for monitoring your calling configuration and activities.

Private Line Option (VoIP-DSL)–access both our private and public networks for added redundancy and reliability.


Modulis SIPSaver™ lines are compatible with any VoIP PBX system to deliver high-quality voice services. We understand the importance of voice communication for business success and we ensure your SIP line performance, backed by our Quality of Service (QoS) Guarantee.

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SIPSaver™ Features

SIPSaver™ by Modulis features include a range of DID routing services, premier support, and flexible dialing rules.

Instant Online Support 011 International Prefix
Installation and Configuration Support 00 International Prefix
Dedicated Client Care Team USA / Canada 1 or 001
24/7 Service Quality Monitoring USA / Canada 10 Digits

SIPSaver™ Integration

Modulis SIPSaver™ trunks work with any VoIP PBX system. We ensure the highest level of reliability and quality with our three independent data centers, over ten carriers, and an option to transmit your voice communications through a private network.

  • G.711u (PCMU/µ-law)
  • G.729a
  • SIP/IAX Registration
  • SIP Static IP Authentication

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