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Modulis is a premium provider of Voice over IP (VoIP) phone services in Canada, North America and the world. With over 9+ years of experience and 16,000+ users worldwide, Modulis is the perfect choice in affordable IP PBX solutions for Canadian institutions, large businesses, or decentralized organizations. Offering 24/7 availability in English and French languages, the Modulis team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of personalized support.

Built on Asterisk open source technology, Modulis VoIP phone system solutions are reliable and redundant on a global scale. The Modulis solutions are backed with five internet providers, four server sites, a private interconnection with a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) for public switched telephone network (PSTN), and an oversized network that can handle voice, video and more. Modulis technology supports a wide variety of SIP-capable phone hardware and offers direct inward dialing (DID) phone number availability in many local markets throughout Canada and North America.

Primary Local Markets

Primary National Markets

Montreal, QC Canada
Quebec City, QC United States
Toronto, ON Mexico
Calgary, AB Columbia

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