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the new guide to make business phone calls 2015

March 16th, 2015 by The Modulis Team

Don’t be keyboarding me and other phone etiquette advice!

The New Business Guide to Making Phone Calls 2015 – Part 1

If you recently left the coffee shop with more than a cup of joe; in fact, an earful of confidential product release details overheard in a loud and lingering phone call, it is no surprise. With communication options literally at your fingertips, the temptation to answer or place a call from any location at any time seems to be an acceptable practice, with no regard for good old-fashioned manners. In fact, what is phone communication etiquette and who needs it? If you are a business professional, what you do with your mobile devices matters. There are a number of new trends for making phone calls in 2015 that might affect your next business deal.

What to DO and….Seriously NOT DO in Modern Phone Communications

While next generation phone users may not agree unless they are getting their bachelor’s degree or seeking their first career, professionals will argue that in the long run phone etiquette goes a long way toward long-term business relationships. When your job is to sell your products and services, a bad phone call in the wrong place at the wrong time could quickly bungle the deal.

The DO’s

  • Find The Best Place for a Business Call. Locate a secluded location to make or receive important business calls, preferably not in the same room as an espresso machine or at the water cooler. Many offices, coffee shops, and restaurants have a private room for just this type of business. A loud conversation can be annoying to fellow workers, patrons, and especially the people on the other end of the call.
  • Call Only Designated Numbers. Call your prospects or clients on a dedicated business phone, unless your contact has specifically given you a mobile or home phone number as a preferred method of calling. Be aware that for some workaholics, there may be no difference.
  • Redial When Necessary. When you have a bad connection or you can’t understand the other party, offer to hang up and redial so that you don’t miss an important part of a conversation, especially when financials or bad jokes…or both are involved. After all, you may owe or have just won $10 million.
  • Respect Business Hours. Contact your prospects, business associates, and customers during normal business hours, and don’t forget to consider the time zone in which they live and work. Calling after work hours, nights, and weekends should be avoided unless you have the “ok” from your contact to do so or you are good buddies.

The DON’Ts

  • Don’t Leave An Automated Sales Pitch. A sales recording rarely pleases a customer or prospects to a sale and, not only that, it is often illegal; reserve this important task for live phone or one-on-one conversations where you can truly convey your message and receive feedback.
  • Avoid Texting In Most Cases. Generally texting is not used for business, unless your client has given you the green light. Texting is often considered a personal method of communication; on the other hand, some roles rely on it. Talk to your prospects before you text!
  • Refrain From Keyboarding. Unless you need to take meeting notes, do not type on the keyboard while you are talking on the phone. You know microphones, especially on laptops, can be sensitive to even the faintest tap when you sneak an instant messaging your best friend. Always explain to the other party that you would like to take notes, and ask if it will be too distracting. Otherwise, the person you are speaking with may assume you are multitasking…or worse rather than giving them the attention they deserve.
  • Do Not Place Someone on Hold. When you are on the phone and another call comes in, don’t place the first caller on hold unless you have an emergency. It is rude and sends a clear message that says, “You are not as important as the caller who is trying to reach me.” What incoming conversation cannot wait five minutes?

Seal the Deal

A little etiquette (yes, you know the word) goes a long way toward that next business deal, the chance of a new job, or securing a good grade. No swearing, no loud calls in public, and keep confidential details behind closed doors. Take the time to be courteous (yes, you know the word) to those around you and at the same time be polished and professional.

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