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sccp asterisk phone integration

August 14th, 2015 by The Modulis Team

Using SCCP Phones With Asterisk

Asterisk has been supporting Skinny Call Control Protocol (SCCP) for a number of years, and you simply need the SCCP module in order for it to work. If you want to use an SCCP phone with Asterisk, this tutorial guide will offer a method in which you can accomplish this. SCCP was developed by Cisco, so their phones are the most common IP phones using this protocol. If you currently own Cisco phones, you might want to try using them in SIP mode before attempting to run them in SCCP mode with Asterisk.

Installing and Configuring Asterisk With SCCP

This tutorial assumes you have already installed and configured an Asterisk PBX.

Add the SCCP Channel to Asterisk

To configure Asterisk with SCCP, you first need to add the SCCP channel to Asterisk:

1. Download the chan_sccp_xxxx module here.

This module is available in either source code or pre-compiled binary code. In order to avoid compiling errors, it is recommended that you use the source code for the chan_sccp module if you have Asterisk 1.4.x. The source code version is available here.

2. When using the pre-compiled channel, you need to “make clean; make install” inside the untarred area, and that is it.  You need to untar the chan_sccp_xxx.tar.gz under the /usr/src

Compile and Configure the chan_sccp:

In order to configure and compile the chan_sccp you need to follow these steps:

1. Change CWD to the /usr/src/chan_sccp-xxx directory

2. Run the following to generate the configuration file:

root@\Bughira:/usr/src/chan_sccp-20060408# create_config.sh /usr/include/

The /usr/include is the base directory where the Asterisk header files are located.  After it reads “config.h complete” – you can move forward.

3. Run:  root@\Bughira:/usr/src/chan_sccp-20060408# cp chan_sccp.so file /usr/lib/asterisk/modules

Check to see if you have the /etc/asterisk/modules.conf file. If you don’t, you can get them by “make samples” in asterisk source.

4. Add these two lines in /etc/asterisk/modules.conf

load = chan_sccp.so

noload = chan/skinny.so

5. Start Asterisk:  root@\Bughira:/usr/src/asterisk-1.4.21# asterisk -nvvvvc

Once you have completed these steps, you are ready to configure the phone system.

Configure Your Cisco Phones

In order to configure your Cisco phones, you will need to load some required configuration files on your TFTP server within the TFTP root.

1. Boot up your system.

2. A Cisco phone will automatically pull these files and attempt to autoconfigure in accordance with the configuration options from the files. The bare minimum files required to make and receive basic calls from Cisco phones are:



Asterisk Configuration for the SKINNY Channel:

With the chan_sccp module in your Asterisk PBX, you need to configure it and make sure it is associated with the Asterisk configuration.

1. You will need extensions.conf and sccp.conf

Open the /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf into any available editor and add these lines to the bottom of the file:


exten => 4444,1,Answer()
exten => 4444,n,Dial(SCCP/4444)

2. Save this file. – You have now registered the extension numbers for your Cisco phones.

3. Configure sccp.conf and make sure that Asterisk recognizes the phones as valid.

4. Allot them extensions. Open /etc/asterisk/sccp.conf in your editor and add these lines in the [device] section of the file:

type = 7970

autologin = 4444

keepalive = 60

tzoffset = -1

context = cisco_skinny

transfer = on

park = on

speeddial = 4444,Example Speed dial

speeddial =

cfwdall = on

cfwdbusy = on

dtmfmode = inband

dnd = on

private = off

mwilamp = on

mwioncall = on

device => SEP000C296E5198 –> Change this to your phone specific SEP<MacAddress>

Ensure that the “bindaddr = ” directive from the [general] section points to the IP address of your Asterisk PBX.

5. Save the file and exit from your editor.

6. Restart the Asterisk server and boot up your Cisco phones.

Your Cisco phones should now be registered with Asterisk using the SCCP channel.

Congratulations, you have now configured your Cisco SCCP phones to run on your Asterisk PBX. It’s that simple!