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ClusterPBX™ Multi-Site PBX VoIP Service

Large, Scalable and Flexible IP PBX Network Technology

Optimized for Centralized or Multiple Locations

The Modulis ClusterPBX™ VoIP enterprise system, designed for resellers and enterprise providers, is a complete multi-tenant, load-balanced and failover-enabled IP-PBX system. ClusterPBX™ accommodates advancing businesses with scalable phone solutions for business growth. Modulis ClusterPBX™ is the solution you need, whether you are continuing with your existing Asterisk system or migrating from a proprietary phone system.

  • For Thousands of Users
  • Web-Based Interface
  • Digium Certified Support (dCAP)
  • No Licence Fees
  • Enterprise Premium Support
  • White Label Technology

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Cloud Hosted and On-Site PBX Available

The ClusterPBX™ Solution

The Modulis ClusterPBX™ VoIP solution allows you to provide multiple instances of the Modulis VoIP technology to multiple groups of users. You provide VoIP service to unlimited phones via your own enterprise offering or reseller agreement and enjoy white labeled technology that scales exponentially.

Control your Modulis ClusterPBX™ system through a robust web interface and benefit from large-scale provisioning for your changing business landscape. Modulis ClusterPBX™ configurations are fully customizable and user profiles can be established for specific phone destinations and features.

Supports 200 – 50,000+ Users

Powerful SIP Trunking Options with SIPSaver™

Super Secure 256-bit Encrypted Voice Option

Get an external number with Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

The ClusterPBX™ Advantages

Modulis ClusterPBX™ VoIP reseller system troubleshooting is easier than ever before, with real time phone logs and status reports available when you need them. The Modulis ClusterPBX™ solution is built from OpenSIPS, Asterisk, MySQL, Rails and ExtJS.

Our dedicated on-site hosted phone solution provides many advantages allowing you to realize a wide variety of customizable and scalable features at great cost savings.

Scalability: Create your own enterprise offering and provide service to your own customers. Easily and reliably scale your client accounts and add new clients to your ClusterPBX™system.

Control: Control your Modulis ClusterPBX™ system through a robust web interface, and you benefit from large-scale provisioning for your changing business landscape. Modulis ClusterPBX™ configurations are fully customizable, and user profiles can be established for specific phone destinations and features.

Customizable: Set up your dedicated ClusterPBX™ on your own private servers and gain the ability to customize and manage the system for your business needs. Built on rock-solid open source technology, ClusterPBX™ gives you the ability to develop your own integrations and use the community as a resource.

ClusterPBX™ is bulletproof as it relies on a triple redundancy at these levels:
(1) Client’s Internet Connection, (2) Data Center, and (3) The Carrier.

Open Source: Technology built on Linux and Asterisk with PHP

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ClusterPBX™ Features

The Modulis ClusterPBX™ VoIP enterprise solution has the features you need to accommodate your growing business. This powerful, cutting-edge system is designed with large-scale business in mind.

Encrypted Communication for Optimum Security (TLS/SIPS/SRTP) Configuration Presets for 3rd Party VoIP Providers, VoIP Gateways, Skype™ and IP Phones
Highly Reliable, With Failover Gateways and Master Database Architecture Extensions and Phone lines Added on Demand via Web Interface
Complete Phone System – Call Switching, Routing and Queueing Send and Receive Calls With Standard PSTN Using VoIP Gateways / Cards
Easy Web Interface: Calling, Extension Management, Phone Management, and more Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
Scalability from 200 to 50,000+ Users Intercom
Tailored and Scalable PBX Solutions Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
Auto-Attendant Voice Menu System Application Programming Interface (API) Support

ClusterPBX™ Integration

In addition to our broad selection of calling options, with the Modulis ClusterPBX™ VoIP solution, you will receive the highest level of interoperability with industry-best brands for phones, servers, and supported protocols. Choose and easily configure your favorite phones and technologies.

Avaya Asus PRI
Nortel HP FXO
Polycom Dell IAX
Snom VMware H.323
Aastra Skinny
Yealink UNIStim

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Download the ClusterPBX™ brochure for additional details on features, integration and more.

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